Body Smoothing Crème

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All Skin TypesBody CareAM + PM
150 g / 5.3 Oz.


Body Smoothing Crème is a breakthrough treatment clinically proven to promote a more toned, contoured and smooth appearance. Ideal for use on the entire body, it complements results of in-office body treatments.
• Targets skin’s deeper layers to visibly tone + firm the appearance of thighs, buttocks, stomach + arms
• Minimizes the look of “orange peel” skin
• Complements results of in-office body treatments
• Supports a healthy skin barrier in a light, quick-absorbing formulation
Clinical Results
After 8 weeks of use twice daily, Body Smoothing Crème demonstrated the below results in a third-party, independent clinical study:
• Statistically significant reduction in thigh circumference at 3 standardized locations, without alteration to diet + exercise.
• Statistically significant decrease in dimpling among 59% of subjects, with a maximum decrease of 97%, for smoother skin.
• Statistically significant reduction in cellulite among 68% of subjects, who presented with moderate cellulite.
• 95% of subjects saw improvement in the appearance of their body skin.
• 86% of subjects said their skin was smoother.
How To Use
Apply to clean, dry skin AM + PM.
• Plankton extract, saccharide isomerate
o Marine-derived biotechnologies that provide a visibly firming + toning effect
• Methylsilanol carboxymethyl theophylline alginate
o Brown-algae derived technology improves the appearance of body skin contour
• Phosphatidylcholine, caffeine, coenzyme A, carnitine
o Multi-functional blend that minimizes the appearance of orange peel texture for smoother body skin
• Humectants (glycerin, betaine, carrageenan extract)
o Minimize trans-epidermal water loss and boost immediate + long-term hydration