Eyelash Extensions

Who does not like dreamy, thick, luscious and heavy-lidded eyelashes? Enchanting and typically classic, long eyelashes are a popular contemporary fashion trend. Servicing our clients with just what they want, we offer premium eyelash extensions that give you the eyelashes of your dream with a procedure that is non-invasive. Catering to a variety of eye shapes and sizes, we have different types of eyelashes that are diverse in thickness, thinness, colors, and quality. Choose from classic, hybrid or volume set! Contact us today to let us help you achieve the look you are going for.


Say goodbye to pencils, powders and pomades once and for all with the microblading eyebrow procedure. What’s microblading? Microblading is a procedure that is also referred to as microstroking, eyebrow embroidery, hair-like strokes, and feather touch. It is a type of permanent makeup that utilizes a procedure to partially or completely conceal missing eyebrow hair through simulated hair appearance that is created using fine cosmetic tattoo pigments. The pigments are implanted into the fine incisions in the skin and this technique has been around for centuries.The results are flawless, natural eyebrows that are semi-permanent (meaning that they last two to three years).

Microblading eyebrows is perfect for:

  • Those with little to no eyebrow hair
  • Those with past faded eyebrow tattoos
  • Post-chemotherapy or alopecia patients
  • Those with asymmetrical eyebrows

So if perfect eyebrows is your question, microblading is your answer.